Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gabby’s 7th Birthday

Gabby hadn’t had a big birthday party in a few years. She’d been asking to have it at Kangaroo Zoo since last year.  It was a great party and Gabby had a great birthday.


Taja, Gabby, and Madeleine


Gabby and Marissa


Gabby’s dad got her 2 new dwarf hamsters.  So far they’re both still alive and have only brought us a bit of drama so far.




This is Cooper. He goes to church with us and is one of the boys that Gabby has a crush on. One of her more recent statements about him, “Mom, he’s such a dream!”


Gabby and Madeleine in the blast zone.




Gabby, Taja,and me doing a train down a slide.


Me and my beautiful 7 year old!

My First Grader



Gabby is now in first grade.  This was her first day of school. She is doing very well so far. She likes being in school for the full day. She is writing very well and a terrific reader.  I like reading to Gabby, but I’m looking forward to her being able to read books on her own as well. I’m hoping she’ll be as much of a bookworm as I am.

Trip to Arkansas July 2o11

Better late than never to post! Gabby and I went to Arkansas the last week of July.


Gabby and Madison always give a sweet and dramatic greeting to each other.


My parents ward had a Pioneer Day celebration that included a giant slip-n-slide.  Gabby LOVED it!


Gabby going down the slide.


We spent one day at Lake Degray swimming and picnicking. We had it to ourselves.


Gabby is still not much for pictures right now.


Gabby and Madison gave each other makeovers. Such pretty cousins!


Gabby and Madison started their own rock band.


We played tourist in Hot Springs with Mom, Adabelle, and Oscar. This the Promenade. 




All of us on Bath House Row.


Posing with a statue of an otter.


View from Hot Springs Mountain Tower of downtown and West Mountain. I grew up in such a beautiful place!


Gabby jumping in the pool.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh Gabby!

Gabby and I attended Riley Robinson’s wedding reception yesterday.  I’m not sure how soon I’ll take her to another! She kept us well entertained!


Gabby was enamored with the cake. She stared at it like this for at least 3 straight minutes.  She didn’t think that it was a real cake. Most cakes she is familiar with are from a box.  She was very impatient for it be cut and made sure to have a front row seat to it.


There was a candy table that was a big hit with the kids. Ranie’s son Tommy consumed candy for an hour straight.  Gabby brought this box just for me.  I haven’t even begun to make a dent in it. Side note:  I went 4 weeks with out sugar and didn’t make any difference so I’m back on and just in time for the candy table!


Gabby still loves her Uncle Gabe! That’s Tommy to the right working on all that candy.


There were 2 photographers at the reception. Gabby persuaded them to let her have her own photo shoot. She was throwing out some mad poses! I caught this one.  They were good sports about it.


Gabby making sure her candy box had her name on it.


Gabby and the “Wedding Girl” as Gabby termed her.  As soon as she saw Cece, she was impressed with that dress. It was a gorgeous gown. She told me she thought it was the most beautiful dress she’d ever seen and desperately wanted a picture with her. It was almost the end of the evening, but we finally got our chance! Cece was very sweet to Gabby. When Gabby was admiring her dress, she was telling her that she really liked all the pearls sewn into the bodice.  That was nice, but she felt it necessary to rub her hand all over the bodice as well.  Gabby and I had to have a talk after that and people’s personal spaces.  Gabby was later following Cece to get a closer look at the dress and noticed there was fly on the back of the dress. She first began screaming, “A bug, a bug!” She loved that dress, she obviously couldn’t stand having it blemished in anyway. As no one was responding to her cries, she pulled out some Mr.Miagi skills and grabbed that fly between her fingers before it even knew what was happening. She then proudly shoved it in Cece’s face so she could see that she’d rescued her dress.  This happened by the Arkansas table and they were all in hysterics at her fly-catching skills.



I love my Gabby’s unique personality and how she continually surprises me. She brings me so much joy and laughter. I am one lucky mommy and am of the opinion that Gabby is the bestest daughter in the whole wide world.  She is so sweet and even with all my faults and shortcomings, in every prayer, she always thanks Heavenly Father for me and thinks I’m the best mommy in the whole wide world and melts my hearts every time I hear it.


When I wasn’t reining Gabby in, I was visiting with some of my favorite people. Ranie and all the Robinsons feel like family and we had lots laughs and fun!

Gabby’s Kindergarten Graduation

Gabby graduated from Kindergarten last Thursday! They had a great program singing and telling us about the things they learned this year.  I can’t believe she’s got 1 year of school under her belt! She’s growing up so much. 


They sang the Ugly Bug Ball.  It was very cute and a song I’d never heard of before. Gabby actually invited me to sing with her. She HATES having me or anyone sing to her. I was so disappointed I couldn’t oblige her after years of trying to get her to let me sing to her.


The Graduate!


Her very proud mommy!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Gabby’s K Field Day

Gabby had her first Field Day last Friday.  She was SOOOOOO excited about it. She had me read her the list of races and activities every night. Her prayers consisted of wishing that Friday would come sooner. Gabby really wanted to win a blue ribbon. When we were talking about it, I pulled out my stash of trophies, medals, and ribbons from back in the day.  Gabby was so impressed with them.  It was fun going down memory lane with her.  That moment with her was completely worth saving them the last 15+ years!  I can’t remember the last time I got them out.

Field day 003

Gabby’s field day was a few hours. I didn’t know what races she was doing and was taking an early lunch to come see her. When I got there, the races were over. I found Gabby and she was bursting with excitement after winning a blue ribbon. She ran the 50 meter dash (I think) and won and based on her classmates, won convincingly.  I was thrilled and so happy she was so happy. I was so sad I missed it though.  I secretly really hope Gabby gets into running.  I think it’s a good start. She definitely has a competitor’s drive.

Field day 006

They did a tug-o’-war. Gabby’s class didn’t win.

Field day 009

Next they did a big game of twister. They were practicing right and left in this shot.


Field day 016

Gabby was getting twisted and fell soon after.

Field day 021

Last think I saw her do was the hula hoop contest. It went straight to the ground.


Field day 019

I was super proud of  my runner!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mom & Me Lunch

24 001

I went to have a fabulous lunch with my terrific daughter on Friday.  The lunch was at 10:40, which is a bit early, but well with it considering the company.  Gabby was so sweet and so excited for me to come eat lunch with her.  She make me a flower pen and a book about me. As I was never one to eat cafeteria food, I wasn’t planning on really eating, but they’d brought in outside pizza and it wasn’t too bad.  I’m so glad that I have a job that is fairly flexible so that I can do fun things like this with Gabby.  It really meant a lot to both of us.

I spent Mother’s Day being a mom. Gabby was sick all weekend, but she is a very sweet little patient and was very apologetic for the vomity mess she made at 3am.  She still gave me her hug and kiss as promised and even add in a drawing and cleaned the kitchen table for me all by herself. Gabby is so affectionate and tells me every chance she gets that she loves me and is glad I’m her mom.  I wouldn’t trade being her mother for anything!